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Financial riding members of Sunnybrae Pony club may apply to agist their horse on the grounds. We have 18 stables on site at what is undoubtedly the best equipped pony club/agistment facility in South Australia.  Sunnybrae Pony Club is the closest Pony Club offering stable facilities to members from the CBD of Adelaide.  It gives City Horse lovers an opportunity to have their horse nearby and be able to interact with your horse every day whilst staying in the City limits.

Agistment applications are considered by the Committee and it is important that applicants fully understand the expectations and responsibilities that come with agistment on the grounds as well as the requirements of the Agistment Contract between you and the Club.

Agisters enjoy secure 24 hour access to the grounds and use of all equipment and riding areas whilst participating in Pony Club activities and events. 

The stables are large and designed to maximise space giving a safe and comfortable home for your horse and the associated facilities make the grounds safe and comfortable for members and their families. 

Agistment applications are always welcome and we encourage those considering agistment to come and take a look at the facilities and become involved with the Pony Club so you are aware of the daily commitment and requirements of membership.

To access the current Agistment Application form - click HERE

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